Travel report – Gamescom 2018!

And that’s a wrap-up! With Gamescom 2018 behind us, it is time for us to look back at a great experience, which we will share with all of you in this after-event report.


Day 0, MondayPreparation & Travel

As with every kind of travel, the key is preparation. Making a packlist, packing your bags and doing your research about where you’re going is necessary for the whole ordeal to go as smoothly as possible. No battle plan survives contact with the enemy, but any prep-work done will not work against you.

The group we traveled in was made up of Jesse, Wesley and Wesley’s girlfriend. The first day of Gamescom was mostly for people with special press-access passes, which we weren’t able to acquire this time around. Therefore, we decided to dedicate one day to traversing most of the distance, and getting us and our stuff where we needed to go. We took the train from our home town to Deventer, to stay the night there.


Day 1, WednesdayTravel part 2 & Exploration on-site

On Wednesday, the first actual day of Gamescom for us, we still had to get into Germany and to Cologne. We set out for the second part of our travel, and dropped off most of our stuff at the Airbnb we rented. We then proceeded to the Koelnmesse, the event’s location. In the time we had left, we chose to explore the different halls rather than to look for anything specific and save that for the next day.


Day 2, ThursdaySearch & Destr… Experience

Now THIS was a field day. We had a full day’s worth of time now, and because of that, we were able to follow up on leads we got on Wednesday. We had a decent idea what to expect, how long the queues generally were going to be and where to find it all. Fortunately, the queues of some big games, such as Smash Bros. Ultimate had waiting times of max 45 minutes. Those stands had the necessary entertainment to make their queues quite tolerable. Going our separate ways for most of the day, all of us were able to take a look at whatever we found interesting, whether that was the dealer hall full of merchandise or one of the grandiose stand locations that the big names had put up. The event had a total of 370.000 visitors, making it of epic proportions in our book. Sadly, this also meant that some pathways were overcrowded and that getting through the mass of people was quite the undertaking.


Day 3, FridayThe long road back home

Wesley and his girlfriend decided to explore Cologne on our final day there, but Jesse decided that there was stuff to do back home, for he is not much of a tourist. We can look back on an event well spent, and one hell of an experience. We’re glad we went there, and are considering to go again next year!