A World of Metal – Raft Shenanigans Part Three


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After plenty of island visits and raft raids, we finally had enough materials to really get going. We had a smelter at last so the first order of business is metal. A lot of metal.

Metal and copper are both found in their raw forms, as ore, and they can be gathered from the part of the island that is under water. Now that we had enough we fiddled around with the metal first since the crafting system showed more promise for metal than copper. After smelting a ton of it we upgraded all our tools to a metal version. We were also able to craft a stationary anchor that could be used multiple times! Metal can also be used to create hinges and bolts which in turn can be used for more advanced crafts. They have plenty of uses, and are not only limited to tools. We could now also make better chests and bigger crop plots.

A copper ore chunk

But wait, there’s more! We were also able to improve our food and water supply with all these materials. We gathered a lot of sand and clay for the smelter, for example, but we could melt all the excess sand down to glass and make an advanced purifier. This purifier doesn’t require metal to craft though. It no longer needs planks as fuel source to work either. If you look at it, it makes sense. There are two containers and a glass pane above it. It intends to use the sun to evaporate the seawater in one container, then catch and cool the condense with the glass above it and let drinkable water drip down in the other container. Of course this is not how it actually works in the game, but I personally like the attention to detail. The advanced grill does require metal and instead of being able to just cook one item, we could now cook three at the same time on a single griddle. An extra bonus is the fact that you can now grill larger fish, such as the raw catfish. They can’t be cooked on the smaller grill because of, well, its size… These larger fish can be eaten up to three times before they’re used up, which significantly helps maintaining a food system for three bloody people I tell you.

The Advanced Grill and Advanced Purifier

After messing around with all this new stuff, including the related amount of research we were able to do, we also found out that the seaweed we gathered from our little island trips can be melted down into vine goo. The primary use for this material seemed to be to create flippers and bottles where the bottles can be used to make oxygen tanks to last longer in underwater environments.

We quickly found out that making bigger crop plots and crafting better chests among other things kind of filled up our raft, so we decided to take our raft to a higher level by adding a floor to it. It not only helped with living space but at least now it seemed like we knew what we were doing. Oh, and it looks nice of course. This also helped with the annoying seagulls that swoop down to take our veggies since we placed down a bird’s nest on this floor to keep them away.

Building our way up!

But what about the copper? Well, we already received some hints at the very beginning of the game that it could be used for electronic devices because of the schematics we fished out of the water. The full extent of where this material leads us will be discovered in our next Raft adventure. Brace yourselves, it’s going to be a rocky ride!