The End Is Nigh! – Raft Shenanigans Part 4 (Final)


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After spending days at sea with our new materials and our raft fully functional, it was time to find out what those shiny schematics were for that we looted since day one.

The receiver appeared to work with radio signals and turned out to work with the second schematic, the antenna. Both required circuit boards which in turn requires copper. Crafting all these items was quite easy thanks to our boatload of metal and copper from our suicide missions with Simon. We soon found out that the receiver has an additional requirement to work: the battery.

It turned out not to be that simple to get everything to work after placing both the antenna and the receiver with a battery. Turning the bloody thing on told us that we actually need three antennas! Another problem was the battery actually being drained quite fast, so turning off the receiver while placing the rest saved us from having to craft additional batteries.

Eventually we changed our setup to three antennas, which we placed all around the receiver in hopes it would work. You need a minimum spacing between antennas and for us it worked when all of them stood on the same level in a triangle shape around the receiver. In the end the receiver also needed to be at least one level higher than ground level to activate correctly. With a correct setup, the receiver’s screen will be different when you switch it on!

We now had a radar system and it seemed to pick up a location somewhere… It also included a distance to work with to estimate how far we had to go. Time to hoist the sails and find out what it is! On the way we visited more islands and tried to upgrade more of our raft in terms of building and equipment.

The moment it came into view made quite an impression. A structure in the middle of the ocean, built by human hands! It seemed to be some sort of radio tower.

After making our way onto the tower, we found some extra resources like scrap and plastic scattered throughout the little bunkers. There also seemed to be a way to the top of the tower.

After reaching the top, several things became clear about the game.

Apparently the entire world was flooded by water and its apparent cause was global warming combined with the polar ice caps. This explains why all these resources just drift in the ocean and why you are here. We also got a hint about some sort of utopia that appears to be a safe place! Unfortunately when we played the game this was still in development and we couldn’t go there.

This was a fun game and I’m personally looking forward to having more things to do and maybe even find this utopia in a later playthrough. But until then, we’ll see you around!