Newsletter 011

With some more time that has passed, we arrive at what is already the eleventh edition of our newsletter.

Let’s start with the thing we’d like to mention first. It is with great regret that we inform you that Wesley has decided to pull himself out of the project and will no longer be performing any tasks for Skilltree Entertainment. His personal life and other responsibilities kept getting in the way of him spending time with us on this project and that basically sucked the fun out of it for him. As our video editor, that means This Is Bullsh*t, Skilltree Shenanigans and the machinimas are on indefinite hiatus. We can definitely see our TIB project returning, perhaps in another guise, but not anytime soon. This also means we’ll be focussing on streaming for the time to come, while we come up with new ideas and how to best work those out and bring more entertaining content your way. It is also per his request that we have removed his info from our channels, as he would like to see that the attention and appreciation of our content goes to those who take part in it. He’ll always be welcome on future projects or as a stream guest, and we’d like to thank him for his efforts so far. His stream on Tuesday afternoon will be picked up by Jesse.

In addition, Robert has also decided to step down as a member of Skilltree. Which means that his plans for development streams and coding streams are also off the table.

As much as I regret them both leaving, I’ve put too much time into this project to give up just like that. Besides, most of the content produced by Skilltree was mine anyway. So here’s what’s going to happen from here on out:

– I’m shutting down the website. I can’t be arsed hosting it and there’s free alternatives to get a platform.
– I’m shutting down the YouTube channel. Too much upkeep and too little activity.
– I’ll keep the Twitch channel (obviously) and the Twitter as well. Minimum effort, so maximum time left for content and cool stuff.

I’d like to thank Wesley and Robert for their time and input, and just to avoid any drama, let’s go on record saying they’re always welcome to join me for duo/trio streams, or to have a guest stream of their own.

Things to come:
– Stream schedule will be mostly unchanged. Daily streams, all by Jesse, sometimes with guests 🙂
– Bit of a makeover, might change things like logo, banner and make it easy for people to follow me everywhere.
– The AC Full-Sync Megathon continues! Five games down (Assassin’s Creed, 2, Brotherhood, Revelations, 3) and six to go (Black Flag, Unity, Rogue, Syndicate, Origins, Odyssey) so plenty of streams to come. Got a whole list of games I’d still like to play, so let’s waste no time and get right to it.
– I’m going to look for a free alternative to our website where I can host my written content. Newsletter and fanfics will be there, and what I can salvage from Skilltree Entertainment will go to Skilltree.

That’s all for now, for there is much to be done and I’m confident I will come out with something beautiful on the other side of things. Best of luck to me, and thank you all for your time and support so far. Main channels of communication will be Twitch and Twitter. Here we go!