Skilltree Adventures Is Back!

So we’ve been taking a long hard look at where we stand and now that we all have our little bit of space on the website, we decided to pick up the development of Skilltree Adventures again. Skilltree Adventures will be our simplified take on a Dungeons & Dragons-esque experience that turns it into more of an interactive and fast-paced version.

We want to make this a unique experience and to that end, it comes with its own playing field that I am developing myself. Development was halted for a while until we decided on some core features and design that were crucial before I wanted to move forward with the project. Red flags are raised when I develop something like this that is on the border of being a game, and there’s no concrete plan about how it’ll turn out. What you often end up with is a million changes that have to be done over and over until you find what works and what doesn’t if you don’t plan ahead. To counter this, we started on a game design document and although it’s not really a standalone game, it works pretty well. We have finally reached a point where we know enough to resume development, at least for a little while.

We actually took this playing field for a tutorial test run together and it was really fun. We experimented with different combat mechanics and found inspiration for future functionality too. The only problem I still see is the graphics once we start our sessions. We probably have to make our own or search for royalty free assets to use!