Welcome To Skilltree Development!

Hello and welcome to Skilltree Develop, a branch of the Skilltree that dedicates itself to anything about development. Over the course of the coming year and beyond, this branch will be filled with interesting development stuff, if that’s your jam. I am Robert and I will be the host for this branch.

I am a game programmer and indie developer at heart and I have about 8 years of experience in the programming field. I recently launched Robronic Games in early January, which is my personal solo indie developer entity. You’ll find more personal projects, a portfolio and a development blog there where I detail my own work and also more information about me in general. Skilltree Develop however is a collaboration effort with my fellow Skilltree buddies and will host a plethora of development content related to anything about Skilltree.

So what’s the earliest content one might expect to see here? We are about to pick up the development of Skilltree Adventures again, which is our very own tabletop playing field specifically designed for a unique version of roleplaying adventures in the Dungeons and Dragons theme. We’ll probably start up with development updates and features yet to come, but also videos and photos of the process. We’ll be sorting through our posts soon and migrate anything development related, such as the Global Game Jam post from earlier this year and more.

Make sure to keep an eye out here, because content is coming and it’s coming fast!